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We provide approved courses, Locally by the Ministry of Manpower-Oman and Internationally by 6 UK awarding bodies in the following fields:

Engineering, Operational and Maintenance Courses

1- Project Management
2- Project Management Professional (PMP)®
3- Electrical Operation and Maintenance
4- Vibration Inspector Lvl1
5- Sloping and Soil Erosion
6- Coupling and Alignment DTI and Laser
7- Electricity Distribution Network Design
8- Design and Maintenance of Sub Stations
9- Joint Kit Cables
10- Lightning and Earthing Protection
11- Overhead Bundle Conductor and Accessories
12- Overhead Bare Conductors and Sub Stations
13- Underground Power Cables
14- Advanced Variable Frequency Drive
15- Principles of Electrical Control Panel Maintenance
16- Pumps, Actuates and Valves
17- Operation and Maintenance of Pumps Basic and Advanced
18- Maintaining Gear Box
19- Machine Bearing
20- Mechanical Fault Finding
21- Welding, Grinding and Gas Cutting Certification
22- Warehousing Basics
23- Warehousing Planning and Advanced
24- Water Resources Managemen
25- Leadership in Aviation
26- Certified Maintenance
27- Maritime Transportation and Port Operation
28- Water Resources and Environment Management
29- Construction Project and Risk Management
30- Contract Management

31- Advanced Maintenance
32- Value Engineering
33- Aviation Post Holders
34- Sampling Techniques
35- Shipping and Terminal Operation
36- Coastal and Port Structures
37- Quality and Productivity
38- Airport Terminal Building Management
39- Measurement in the Reverse Osmosis Plant
40- Production Management and Material Requirements
41- Sampler Point and Method Take Sampler Water
42- Principles of Pump Operation & Maintenance for
43- Level 3 Award in Map Reading & Handling GPS
44- Quality Control and Assurance Techniques for
Test Methods
45- Materials of Construction for Process Equipment and
Piping System
46- Assessment, Evaluation and Repair of Reinforced
Concrete Structure
47- Urban Drainage & Sewage
48- Advanced Airport Operations Management
49- Equipment Test Water Quality in Laboratory
50- Process Chemical Cleaning in Reverse Osmosis Plant
51- Operation and Maintenance Water Treatment Plant
52- Urban Flood Management and Disaster Risk
53- Design and Maintenance of Overhead Power Lines
LV and HV

54- Fouling Control for Reverse Osmosis and Nano Filter Systems
55- Water Distribution Networks-Performance Assessment & Monitoring
56- Portable Water Operation and Maintenance Principal
57- Mechanical Maintenance Planning and Implementation
58- Single and Multiple Frequency Drive Basic and Advanced
59- Reverse Osmosis Process Plant (Desalination and Treatment Water)
60- Reverse Osmosis Process Plant with PX (Energy Consumption)
61- Reverse Osmosis Process Plant with LSI (Langelier Saturation Index)
62- Reverse Osmosis Process Plant with SDI (Slit Density Index)
63- Reverse Osmosis Process Plant with Ultra Filtration and Maida Filter Technology
64- Add Chemical in Reverse Osmosis Plant Pre-treatment, Permeate and Dosing Pump (Anti Scalding Acid, SMBS, Free Chlorine)
65- Disinfection by Free Chlorine/Disinfection Calculator in Reservoir, Tanker, Well (Gas, Powder and Liquid) and DE Chlorination
66- Analyser Process and Calibration (pH, Chlorine Free, Conductivity, Temperature and Turbidity)
67- Equipment Test Water Quality in Suite and Calibration (pH, Conductivity, Free Chlorine and Turbidity)
68- Contract Claims - Resolving Contract Disputes and Avoiding Construction Claims
69- Water Distribution Networks-Principles of Portable Water Operation & Maintenance